Why RKR Technology?

RKR works with you to understand your business needs, audit your current situation and propose the best route to achieve your objectives.
The team at RKR Tech has over 20 years experience in helping organisations reach their testing goals. Experience gained working with Equipment manufacturers, Service Providers, Broadcasters, Cloud Software Companies, Government and Finance Organisations.
Our core competency revolves around both functional and non function test development as well as our proven track record of integrating diverse test environments into smooth running automated systems.

We have set up POCs demonstrating Automation systems then overseen their adoption within the client organisations - giving training and guidance on best practice to the test teams.
Designed and delivered test plans covering everything from Mobile Infrastructure, Device Testing, Network Infrastructure testing up through middleware, User Experience Testing and Web Services.
With our highly logical approach to testing, we are able to work with you to solve your testing challenges and deliver on your long term test strategy.


Finance Organisation

  • Setup Test lab
  • Defined Test Architecture and Version control strategy to ensure best reuse

Service Provider

  • Developed test strategy for research into NFV (Network functions Virtualisation)
  • POC showing how broadcast TV service consisting of a diverse range of equipment and software and API’s could be regression tested.


   Where an off the shelf test solution didn’t exist, we wrote one and demonstrated how the
   behaviour of a Messaging system when under load exhibited unfair rate limiting of senders.
   This explained why they had seen unexplained behaviour and timeouts in production systems using the message system.  


   Demonstrated how very low database performance on brand new server hardware was related to an incompatibility between
   the Network Card Architecture and motherboard firmware.