• Automation system(s) to develop and execute test cases
  • Integration of diverse tools and elements
  • Wide range of scripting languages supported - including Go, Python, C#, Java & TCL
  • Quality system integration with results management and reporting


  • Understand current objectives and how they align with wider strategy
  • Audit current practices, identify gaps & shortfalls
  • Propose optimal systems and procedures and stage proof of concepts


  • Test lab design - using virtual and/or physical infrastructure as required
  • Connectivity according to needs of lab and user requirements
  • Test Toolset utilising existing inventory and new additions
  • Management & Configuration supporting scheduling and user access
Integrate System Together


  • Test planning with test case development and execution where required
  • Functional and non-functional test
  • Single device to E2E system test, performance & load testing
  • Design validation, integration and regression testing
  • Pre-deployment and post-deployment/UAT Tests
  • Hardware device testing and API testing (functional & performance)
Functional and Non Functional Testing