Testing has become a critical component to business strategy for modern organisations.
Our mission is to help our customers build the best test capability possible for the task at hand - in line with long term strategy and within the bounds of existing commitments and available resources.

Whether QA testing the latest software version pre-release, performance testing a service before going live, evaluating new vendors or technologies for the production network, regression, stability, usability and of course, security testing are all vital to successful operations in these competitive and testing times.

A well-designed and automated test strategy can help the organisation deliver it’s objectives with minimum costs and disruption with optimal quality and performance.

Many organisations have already invested in skilled people and test systems, but there can often be gaps in expertise or incompatibilities between those systems - which may have been acquired over time to address different needs.

At RKR we can help. We have a deep understanding and experience of working with multiple vendors’ test and automation systems. Whether you are building a whole new test lab or looking to get the best out of existing investments, we can help you architect the right environment to support your test strategy.